QMSS not only provides a dynamic, academic environment, but also has an outstanding record of alumni placement. A number of graduates have entered the private sector, applying the tools developed through the program to the analysis of financial markets. Others have taken research positions in non-profit and government agencies, while a growing number of our graduates are entering prestigious PhD programs in traditional social science disciplines. Examples of positions our graduates hold can be viewed in the links below.

Academic Placements

Many students come to QMSS as a precursor to doctoral study or decide to pursue a PhD while studying at QMSS. We place students at top graduate programs in many disciplines throughout the country. All of the programs listed are PhD programs unless otherwise noted. 

Academic Placement Institutions

Employment Placements

QMSS graduates have gone on to pursue careers across all sectors in a broad variety of industries ranging from academic research to investment banking, from marketing & advertising to economic analysis, and from policy analysis to media & entertainment analytics. Come see where some of our students have applied the tools they developed through QMSS.

Employment Placement Organizations

Columbia University offers a variety of resources for its current students and alumni housed within the Center for Career Education. The center not only provides information and counseling services to help students find employment or internships, it also hosts employer events, conducts practice interviews and assessments, provides services for resume review, offers options for industry exploration, provides credentials services, and even offers a selection of designer suits and accessories for loan to help you make a great first impression. Students are encouraged to seek out these services throughout their time at QMSS to ensure a smooth transition from their studies to their future employment. 

Take a web tutorial on how to use Columbia's job search database.  Find out how to set up a job agent that automatically searches for jobs that fit your criteria. Access webinars on how to succeed in your job search. Learn about leadership, development, and training programs at some of the world's top companies. The Columbia University Center for Career Education is available to students/alumni of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Alumni who want to stay involved can stay connected with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as well.

Seeking Employment as an International Student

There are special challenges for international students entering into the job markets with regards to understanding the requirements for work authorization and maintaining appropriate immigration status. Students are encouraged to seek advice from Columbia University’s Center for Career Education (CCE) and the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) as they plan their career strategies to understand the special circumstances surrounding their job search as international students as well as the work authorization options available to them.  Please see our page for seeking employment as an international student for information and resources on employment before and after graduation.

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